Bible Challenge Kit 2 and Freebie

Here we are! Bible Challenge Kit 2 is underway. This month we will be working on verses that are all about Who I Am in Christ. With everything going on in the world today, it can be easy to forget who we are. This would be a great study to go through and remember who God created you to be!

There are 5 pdf files that you can receive for the kit when you purchase it. You can also find an add on and tags that compliment the kit very well. Take a look at these previews here:

I felt like it would be a great time to give a free printable that can coordinate with all of the printables for the kit! Just take a look here and download it to print! It is a pdf file as well. Just click on the link below the picture.


Bible Challenge Kit 2 Freebie

Take a look at the Prepared From Above Etsy Shop today and find this kit along with other digital printables you can purchase! Just go here: Etsy Shop

You can also take a look at the video of these printables on the Bec Scribbles Youtube channel here:

Until next time, God Bless!

Bible Challenge Kit 1 Add On & Freebies


Hello Everyone!

Today I wanted to show you a few things that I think you will find useful for you! You will notice above there is an Add On page that you can find in the Prepared From Above Shop. This Add On is meant to go with the Bible Challenge Kit 1 that is currently listed in the shop as well. You can use this page as an add on for the Bible Challenge Kit if you purchased it. Or you can use it in your planner, Bible journaling, and any other craft project you are working on.


I also felt like it was time to add a freebie to the mix! I realized that with having just four smaller size papers in the Bible Challenge Kit that I might need more papers. So I decided it was time to add these as a freebie! In the picture above, you can find two pages with four small papers listed. The links below will help you download them in either PDF or JPEG format, whichever one you are able to use. I hope you can enjoy these papers and use them however you want!

Until next time, God Bless!





For the pictures above, just right click, save as and save the printable. You can then resize it to how big you want it.

Bible Challenge Kit 1 – Prepared From Above

Hello Everyone!

I am so glad you are here and are reading this right now. I just couldn’t wait to show you all the kit I’ve been working on! But first, I wanted to give you a short story about how this kit has been on my heart, even before I started the shop. Back around 2017-2018 or so, I started my blog. I would come up with ideas, posts and I started a Bible Challenge. Each of these Bible Challenges were wrapped around a theme for the month. I would carefully pick verses for each theme and then post them on my blog with free printables.

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May 2020 Bible Challenge Calendar

Can you believe that it is May 1st tomorrow already? I for one cannot believe it. It seems like we just rang in the New Year! It seems so odd to be in this time we are in right now. A lot of things have changed over the past few months that we are doing things a lot differently now. Some of us are working from home and some of us have children getting their classrooms at home. These times are little bit surreal to me since I grew up in the 80s and 90s. I didn’t have a lot of the advancements that the kids have today. But at the same time, I grew up with learning how to use computers and some other “new technology” that we still use today.Continue reading “May 2020 Bible Challenge Calendar”

Galatians and Colossians – A Biblical Study by Joyce Meyer – Two Book Reviews

Today, I wanted to bring you two books for review. These books are “Galatians” and “Colossians”, a Biblical study written by Joyce Meyer. These two books of the Bible can be found in the New Testament and were written from the Apostle Paul. I just love having a Biblical in depth study on hand don’t you? Let’s dig into both of these books, shall we.

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The Jeremiah Study Bible – Psalms and Proverbs by Dr. David Jeremiah – Bible Review


 “The Jeremiah Study Bible Psalms and Proverbs” by Dr. David Jeremiah

Have you ever wanted to do an in depth study of Psalms and Proverbs? I have just the study Bible you should pick up. This book is called “The Jeremiah Study Bible Psalms and Proverbs” by Dr. David Jeremiah. A lot of truths can be explained from the Bible through Psalms and Proverbs and Dr. David Jeremiah does just that through this study Bible. When you are looking through this Bible, you will see that the author has added some video instructions which can be accessed through a website given. Throughout this Bible, he has included book introductions, study notes, cross-reference system, and some side bars that give additional insight and application.

I love that Dr. David Jeremiah has added his notes to these well-known books of the Bible. I love learning from him and I feel that you will too. He has had more than 40 years of teaching and preaching. I feel that Dr. David Jeremiah knows just how to communicate the Bible to others in a way that is easy to understand. I am enjoying reading this with much clarity and insight from a well-known preacher.

I did receive a copy of this Bible for review from Faith Words/Hachette Book Group. All thoughts and opinions in this review are my own.

April 2020 Bible Reading/Writing Challenge

Hello Everyone!

Here is a calendar of the Bible verses I picked out for April 2020. These verses are all about fear or anxiety. Each of these verses should show you that we can count on God to be there for us in our times of need. I pray that you are able to take these verses and use them in your daily Bible study or scripture writing. I hope you find them useful.

Just click on this link and you can download your calendar for the month!

April 2020 Fear Anxiety

Until next time, God Bless!

Calm The Storm

This past week seems like it has really been a bit nerve-wrecking. Many states in the USA are starting to lock down and today it was announced that the state I live in is one of them. There is so much fear and anxiety of the unknown out there. But just when I seem to get all caught up in the storm raging, it is God who reminds me that He is there. He tells me to put my trust in Him. Continue reading “Calm The Storm”

Journey to the Cross by the (in)couage community – Book Review

Have you ever wondered what lent was all about? The thing is, I always wondered what it was about as well. It is a season of reflection and preparation before Easter. It starts on Ash Wednesday, culminating in Easter. During this season of reflection, you can get in-depth reading from this book called “Journey to the Cross” by the (in)courage community.Continue reading “Journey to the Cross by the (in)couage community – Book Review”

Wireless Printing

Hello Everyone! How are you today?

I just wanted to pop in today and stress the importance of printing in accordance with your printers requirements. I have had many, MANY customers respond to me saying they are unable to print the printable given to them as either a freebie or one they bought from the shop. I always give them the instructions of how to print so there is no black showing on the printable. Continue reading “Wireless Printing”